December 2007/ January 2008


Keep it real

A recurring challenge often faced by those in the manufacturing and engineering businesses is establishing and maintaining a balance between cutting-edge research, developing fantastic technology and generating revenues for manufacturers and their customers through business contracts.


Shape-shifting optics

It may have taken billions of years to evolve naturally, but after just 10 years of research scientists have artificially recreated a key component of the human eye that could help everything from cheap, portable cameras to expensive medical equipment to create crystal clear images.


Bright future for solar power

In March 2007, member governments of the European Union signed a binding agreement to source 20 per cent of their energy from renewable resources by 2020. While biofuels look set to become a popular choice of fuel to help countries achieve these targets, concerns over the environmental impacts of dedicating yet more land to agriculture mean that we will also need to investigate other, older technologies that have yet to realise their initial potential fully.