December 2013/January 2014

Branding the beam

Tim Gillett traces the 25-year history of Duma Optronics, from its origins as an OEM innovator to its ambitions to become a self-branded market leader

Organic light for organic production

Micro-algae have potential to produce numerous biological products, from biofuels to cosmetics. At the International Display Workshop in December, researchers from TU Dresden and Fraunhofer COMEDD will demonstrate a new bioreactor that grows algae using light from an OLED. Greg Blackman reports

Many shades of white

The great appeal of solid-state lighting is its efficiency, but when it comes to designing lighting for buildings based on LEDs not everything is black and white, as Greg Blackman discovers

Sound medical judgement

Photoacoustic imaging is on the threshold of clinical adoption. Jessica Rowbury explores the current progress and looks at what is needed if the technology is to be applied within medicine

Power of the pulse

Although no commercial systems are yet available, attosecond lasers are the subject of intense research. DARPA, for instance, launched a $6.9 million project on applications of attosecond pulse generation in August of this year. Katia Moskvitch looks at the technology required to generate these ultrashort laser pulses

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