February 2017


Super lasers

Supercontinuum light sources emit the broad wavelengths of a lamp, while providing the brightness and long lifetimes of a laser. They offer the best of both worlds and, as a result, a range of applications are becoming apparent.  


Light and sound

Ultrasound is a well-established imaging technique that has become standard in most clinics and hospitals. Now, more than 100 research groups are focusing on photoacoustic imaging – a hybrid of ultrasound and optical imaging that allows for deeper tissue depths with greater resolution – in an attempt to get the technique into clinics and hospitals. 


Bright buildings

‘Smart cities’ is a phrase that seems to be arising quite frequently of late, but is a term that is ambiguous to some. The concept encompasses a diverse variety of technologies, and requires collaboration between varied, often fragmented markets in addition to changes in business models and financing.