May 2012


Spectroscopy everywhere anytime

Mobile devices are ubiquitous in society today and advances in spectroscopy  are reflecting this trend with miniaturisation. Customers now expect the smartphone experience with their spectrometer, with features such wireless internet, Bluetooth and ever improving performance with semiconductor-like technology.


Resolving power

Machine vision excels in measuring dimensions that are indiscernible to the human eye. Measuring to the manufacturing tolerances for valves for a car engine is a classic example. While camera sensor resolutions have been steadily increasing over the years, it’s not simply the number of Megapixels the camera delivers that determines the quality of the image. Lighting also plays a big role, as does the lens, and it’s really how good the lens is as to whether you’ll get the most out of the specifications of the camera.


Marking time

Marking is a word whose simplicity belies the increasing myriad of laser types and applications that making a mark on an object really encompasses. From excimer lasers to CO2 and solid state, from mobile phone cases to anodised aluminium, marking can create black on silver patterns or white on black.