May 2014

Solar research leads to laser discovery

Perovskites are being tipped as materials that will revolutionise solar power. Now, an Oxbridge team of scientists have used its luminescent properties to make a laser from the mineral. Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Felix Deschler and Michael Price of Cambridge`s Cavendish Laboratory, who worked on the project

Lasers in profile

Greg Blackman gets to grips with the various methods for analysing high-power lasers, including a novel method that calculates power according to the weight of the beam

On the hunt for other worlds

Searching for planets that lie outside the Solar System is adding impetus to astronomical interferometry, a technique that combines the light-gathering capabilities of an array of telescopes. Jessica Rowbury reports

Made to measure

The rise and rise of LED lighting - and the associated testing - has led to exciting times for photonics company Pro-Lite Technology, as Tim Gillett discovers

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