May 2017


Green shoots of horticulture light analysis

Thanks to their long lifetimes, high energy-efficiencies and excellent colour rendering index, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are replacing incandescent lamps in an increasing number of applications.

One sector where LEDs are not only acting as replacements for conventional light sources but helping to advance a whole industry is in horticulture, where LEDs are being used to increase plant growth by up to 40 per cent through the delivery of unique compositions of light.


Space Coat

As the use of space-based instruments such as telescopes, satellites and probes increases, a number of companies and research organisations are busy developing innovative coatings for onboard optical components. So, what are some of the most recent advances in the development and application of optical coatings for space-based devices? And, could advances made in the space sector eventually trickle down to other optical coating markets? 


Brains behind the beauty

Testing beauty products to determine if they can in fact hydrate the skin or smooth fine lines not only helps to justify those high prices, but it is becoming increasingly important in brands’ marketing strategies.

The cosmetics industry relies on a variety of light-based techniques to ensure that its products are safe, effective and live up to promises made on the packaging.