October 2022

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Tech focus: Safety

A look at the commercial offerings of the main players in safety equipment and services

The ALD system could be used to coat complex augmented, virtual and mixed reality optics at higher efficiency

Coating complex freeform optics

Tim Reynolds speaks to Gerd-Albert Hoffmann, head of the Optics Integration Group at Laser Zentrum Hannover, about a new spatial atomic layer deposition system

Gabriella Gardosi and her colleagues at the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies have developed a new method for fabricating ultralow-loss optical microresonators

Photonics: The next generation | Part one: Gabriella Gardosi

Ahead of the Day of Photonics, we're asking with those at the start of their photonics careers what’s important to them in their work. First up: Research Student Gabriella Gardosi.

My first 18 months in photonics

It is now just over two years since I graduated from the University of Leicester with a first-class honours degree in physics with space science. I remember being asked 'Are you looking forward to taking the skills from your degree and putting them to work in the professional world?' I laughed. I had no idea how to make use of the knowledge I’d gained in Raman Spectroscopy, CMOS vs CCD technology or thermography in the real world. And yet, by the time you read this, I’ll have spent 18 months in an industry I didn’t know existed when I started my job hunt in 2020. 

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