October/November 2008

Get outside help

Graham Rothon, managing director at Pacer International, believes outsourcing optoelectronic design can benefit photonics companies large and small

Laser developments

What technologies are around the corner, and which existing ones are set to dominate market share? Warren Clark asks for the industry's views

Take your positions...

Gemma Church looks at the market for positioning equipment for lasers - where and why it is used, and what benefits it can bring

Under the microscope

Microscopy has advanced a long way since Robert Hooke coined the term 'cell' from his observations through a compound microscope in 1665. Greg Blackman gets to grips with modern-day microscopy and other scientific imaging techniques

Cutting-edge cars

William Payne discovers that the use of photonics in the automotive industry is continuing to evolve

From behind the Wall

John Murphy tracks the history of PicoQuant, a laser supplier with roots in the former East Germany

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