Brains behind the beauty

Testing beauty products to determine if they can in fact hydrate the skin or smooth fine lines not only helps to justify those high prices, but it is becoming increasingly important in brands’ marketing strategies.

The cosmetics industry relies on a variety of light-based techniques to ensure that its products are safe, effective and live up to promises made on the packaging.


Beauty illuminated

Light-based technologies are used widely in the cosmetics industry, from skin rejuvenation and anti-ageing procedures, to the treatment of vascular lesions and tattoo removal. However, as devices are becoming cheaper and more widely available, there is concern within the industry about the improper use of machines containing lasers or intense light sources. The concern will be a topic for a summit being held on the 9 December in London by Health Education England, which is working towards creating a formal qualification for users of light-based technologies in the cosmetics industry.