Fibre fights back

Sinclair Vass, EMEA sales and marketing director for JDSU, believes that the fibre and telecoms industry now represents a huge opportunity for photonics companies

Out with the new, in with the old

Ron Stubberfield, director of sales at ET Enterprises, believes the market for photomultipliers is as robust as ever, in spite of the technology having been around for more than 50 years

Missing out the middle man

Stuart Schoenmann, CEO of CVI Melles Griot, says there are plenty of benefits of working directly with photonics manufacturers

Making the most of computing power

Mark Nicholson, VP of operations at Zemax Development Corporation, says there are computing options that can enhance software-based optical system design

Why diode lasers rule

John Ambroseo, CEO of Coherent, says high-power semiconductor lasers can help bring photonics back to growth

Photovoltaics shines bright

Dave Clark, senior director of strategic marketing for photovoltaics at Newport Spectra-Physics, believes there is a huge amount of untapped potential in the sector for photonics

The solar imperative

Tom Pearsall, general secretary of the European Photonics Industry Consortium, believes solar energy can provide rich pickings for our industry

Distribution value

Douglas Neilson, managing director of Photonic Solutions, says distributors must work hard to add value for customers


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