Building a new semiconductor fab can cost more than €10bn. Credit: Imec

Subsidising a way out of semicon shortages

Proposed multi-billion dollar and euro packages look set to increase uptake of leading-edge lithography, including for photonic technologies, finds Andy Extance

Imec is using a high harmonic generation laser with anamorphic mirrors to explore high NA EUV challenges

Chipmakers look to EUV lithography’s next generation

Semiconductor manufacturers want the next big thing: to adopt high numerical aperture lithographic processes using extreme ultraviolet light to print smaller circuits. Andy Extance finds out more


The future of EUV lithography

Extreme ultraviolet lithography holds the potential for transforming semiconductor manufacturing. Gemma Church finds that commercial systems could be put into production within the next two years

Lithography lessons

Being able to engineer integrated circuits with higher transistor counts involves printing smaller structures. Photolithography, used in silicon chip fabrication, employs a variety of optical trickery to reduce the size of printed features, as Greg Blackman finds out

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