Printing living tissue

Only two companies supply commercial 3D printing systems based on two-photon polymerisation, which can create structures smaller than living cells. Greg Blackman speaks to Denis Barbier from Microlight3D

Made to measure

The rise and rise of LED lighting - and the associated testing - has led to exciting times for photonics company Pro-Lite Technology, as Tim Gillett discovers

Branding the beam

Tim Gillett traces the 25-year history of Duma Optronics, from its origins as an OEM innovator to its ambitions to become a self-branded market leader

World in motion

Aerotech`s motion control products have been used throughout photonics for more than 40 years, as Warren Clark discovers

Two decades of good service

More than 20 years after helping its first customer - The University of Southampton`s Department of Physics - Laser Support Services is still going strong, as Warren Clark discovers

Reaching maturity

Cobolt has developed from a start-up to an established company with mature products, as Warren Clark discovers

The finest in filters

Spectrogon has been leading the way in optical filters and associated products for decades, as Warren Clark discovers

Leaders in lasers

For 40 years, JK Lasers has been developing industrial lasers around the world, as Warren Clark discovers


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