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Solar research leads to laser discovery

Perovskites are being tipped as materials that will revolutionise solar power. Now, an Oxbridge team of scientists have used its luminescent properties to make a laser from the mineral. Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Felix Deschler and Michael Price of Cambridge`s Cavendish Laboratory, who worked on the project

Taking the pulse of industry

Greg Blackman speaks to Dr Dirk Sutter of Trumpf, who, in December last year, was presented with the 2013 German Future Prize, along with Jens Konig of Bosch and Stefan Nolte of Fraunhofer IOF, for ultrafast laser technology in operation at Bosch manufacturing plants

Organic light for organic production

Micro-algae have potential to produce numerous biological products, from biofuels to cosmetics. At the International Display Workshop in December, researchers from TU Dresden and Fraunhofer COMEDD will demonstrate a new bioreactor that grows algae using light from an OLED. Greg Blackman reports

Lasers go digital

The world`s first "digital laser" has been engineered by a team at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa. Greg Blackman speaks to Professor Andrew Forbes, who led the research

Plastic fantastic

The three-year PolyBright project, which aims to extend the process capabilities of welding polymers with lasers, has drawn to a close. Dr Alexander Olowinsky at Fraunhofer ILT and coordinator of the project discusses its outcome

Remembered forever

Rob Coppinger finds that ultrafast lasers could make quartz the data storage medium for eternity

Under pressure

Tim Gillett and Rob Coppinger find ways to aid stroke recovery with lasers

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