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Resolving Power

Jessica Rowbury looks at how lens manufacturers are dealing with ever increasing image sensor resolutions 

Flying above danger

Matthew Dale explores how UAVs mounted with various photonics technologies are being used to explore hazardous environments

Simulating Success

Gemma Church looks at how software is helping to advance the design of various technologies such as OLEDs and displays

Safe surgery

Matthew Dale discovers what medical laser users are looking for to ensure safety in their clinics

Shining examples

Companies and researchers are finding new ways of integrating solar
technology into urban environments, such as in windows and on roads.
Gemma Church reports

Pocket power

Jessica Rowbury looks at the challenges of bringing spectroscopy to the consumer market, and whether we’re likely to see them being used by the
public in the near future

Super lasers

Gemma Church investigates how the supercontinuum sector is developing and moving into the commercial world

Light and sound

Matthew Dale finds that photoacoustic imaging is getting closer to the clinic, but factors such as cost and portability still need to improve

Bright buildings

Photonics technology will be a key enabler of smart cities, finds Jessica Rowbury

Giving photonics a head start

Entrepreneurs will pitch their photonics businesses to industry experts during the Startup Challenge at Photonics West 2017. Jessica Rowbury speaks to Dirk Fabian about the importance of supporting start-ups

Up to scratch?

Verifying the surface quality of optics has long relied on a visual, non-quantitative approach, finds Jessica Rowbury

The clearer picture

Matthew Dale explores how laser projectors are using diodes to produce superior resolution, colour and 3D in cinemas

Storming the brain

The need to understand the human brain is driving the development of new optical technologies, finds Gemma Church

Gazing into a photonic crystal ball

Physics gets decidedly weird once structures are created at scales similar to the wavelengths of light, yet these photonic crystals are set to revolutionise many aspects of everyday life, reports Russ Swan

Lasers in the limelight

Photonics is not only enabling the creation of sophisticated light shows, finds Jessica Rowbury, but is also helping designers test the quality of special effects

Finger on the pulse

Matthew Dale finds that both the commercial and research sectors are pushing the limits of ultrafast laser technology, leading to advances such as a new ultrashort pulse power record

Putting lidar on the map

From the depths of the ocean to outer space, Rachel Berkowitz looks at the latest developments and applications of lidar technology

Can silicon photonics escape the rack?

Having transformed fibre-optic communications, silicon's optical properties look set to spread to applications like chemical sensing and intra-chip communications, finds Andy Extance

Bringing care closer

Jessica Rowbury looks at how point of care testing is improving the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease while reducing healthcare costs

Bringing OCT to the masses

Matthew Dale finds out what it takes to shrink optical coherence tomography equipment, advances that could help combat blindness in developing countries

Machines in miniature

Russ Swan discusses the market barriers for MEMS and MOEMS technology, which has long been touted as the next industrial revolution

Analysing the atmosphere

Jessica Rowbury looks at the development of an analytical space system that could, in the future, be used to ensure countries comply to climate action plans

Eyes inside the body

Matthew Dale looks at how photonics technology is aiding the development of smaller endoscopes with better functionality

The pulse of the city

Jessica Rowbury finds that sensor technology is impacting the design, engineering, and management of infrastructure

Final frontier

Rachel Berkowitz looks at the photonics technology being developed for probing the universe, which in turn is leading to better commercial products

Armour for optics

Some consider optical components to be mere carriers for the vanishingly-thin elements that do the actual work - the coatings. Russ Swan reviews the recent developments for improving the laser induced damage thresholds of optical coatings