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Life through a lens

Greg Blackman on the importance of optics for those working in the field of life sciences, from microscopy to measuring fluorescence with ultrafast spectroscopy

Visible improvement

Rob Coppinger discovers how liquid crystal defence technology could put an end to blinding lasers and improve imaging

First in safety

As Lasermet reaches 25 years old, Warren Clark explores the history of this leader in laser safety

Lasers turn back time

Whether for hair removal or wrinkle reduction, there are now laser-based devices for home use on the market. Nadya Anscombe looks at this fast-growing market

Does this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

Flourishing with fibre

SPI Lasers has emerged from troubled beginnings in telecoms to become a major player in fibre lasers, as Warren Clark discovers

Getting under your skin

Nadya Anscombe finds out about a pan-European research project that aims to get the most out of optical coherence tomography

Light probes

Greg Blackman on the spectroscopy techniques used to measure chemical reactions occurring over femtosecond timescales

Visible improvement

Yves Hernandez of Mulitel explains an EU-funded project focused on lasers emitting visible light for spectroscopy and microscopy applications

The colour of invention

Oxxius has established itself as a leading player in DPSS lasers for multiple wavelengths, as Warren Clark discovers

The big picture

Lasers are making the leap from the laboratory to the consumer world, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Eyes on the sky

Greg Blackman discovers that building larger ground-based telescopes is pointless without adaptive optics

Running cool

The lifetime of laser diode bars is limited by the way they are cooled. Nadya Anscombe looks at different possible solutions to the problem

Playing the parts

Laser SOS has cornered the market in laser refurbishment and repairs, as Warren Clark discovers

Intensive treatment

Warren Clark explores current and future opportunities for photonics in the medical field

Transmission revamp

Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the less well known applications of speciality fibre optics

Nurturing a niche

Warren Clark discovers how EOPC has grown its business by servicing a very specific market well


Stephen Mounsey catches up with some of the partners involved in the Leadership In Fibre Laser Technology (LIFT) project - a four-year, EU-funded initiative to keep Europe at the forefront of fibre laser technology

Global players

Hamamatsu Photonics has grown to be one of the industry's largest companies, as Warren Clark discovers

Standards of illumination

Stephen Mounsey looks at the regulated world of LED lighting, and the photonic test and measurement technologies that enable LED developers in this rapidly growing market

Tuning light

Greg Blackman on the uses of nonlinear optics in OPOs and other laser devices to tune the light to the desired wavelength

The changing face of microscopy

Light microscopy is an old tool, but now a range of new technologies and innovative applications have pushed the boundaries of what can be done with light microscopy. Stephen Mounsey looks for these developments in some unexpected places

Fibre fights back

Sinclair Vass, EMEA sales and marketing director for JDSU, believes that the fibre and telecoms industry now represents a huge opportunity for photonics companies

Advancing by acquisition

Qioptiq has embarked on a rapid programme of acquisition and rebranding since its inception just five years ago, as Warren Clark discovers

As fast as it gets

As ultrafast laser research progresses onwards from femtosecond pulses, Stephen Mounsey looks at the cutting edge of attosecond lasers, and asks how to ready experimental lasers for the factory floor

Spreading out light

Stephen Mounsey looks at the applications for optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers, both within spectroscopy and beyond

Shaking down and lighting up

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at the LED-based lighting industry and discovers that, when it comes to testing these light sources, legacy approaches are often insufficient

Out with the new, in with the old

Ron Stubberfield, director of sales at ET Enterprises, believes the market for photomultipliers is as robust as ever, in spite of the technology having been around for more than 50 years

Fibre insiders

Warren Clark traces the history of Fianium, a leader in the field of ultrafast fibre lasers

Scaling up

With construction on the European Extremely Large Telescope due to start this year and a number of laser fusion research projects underway, the need for large optics is growing, as Greg Blackman finds out

The search for new blood

Is the industry doing all it can to attract young people into a career in photonics? Warren Clark investigates

Missing out the middle man

Stuart Schoenmann, CEO of CVI Melles Griot, says there are plenty of benefits of working directly with photonics manufacturers

The fibre provider

IPG Photonics is synonymous with the field of fibre lasers, and has been for 20 years, as Warren Clark discovers

Organic growth

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at some of the applications for biophotonics, both in the laboratory, and elsewhere, and looks at the ways in which photonic technologies are enabling the life sciences

It's in our hands now

Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the difficulties involved in taking the spectrometer to the sample

Bigger, better, brighter

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at the world's largest lasers, those already built and those planned for the future

Small and perfectly formed

Greg Blackman looks at some of the uses of micro optics, including focusing and collimating laser-diode light sources

Making the most of computing power

Mark Nicholson, VP of operations at Zemax Development Corporation, says there are computing options that can enhance software-based optical system design

Solid defence

Throughout the turbulent economic period, the military and defence market has remained stable. Warren Clark asks if the sector will stay profitable in the future