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Keeping safe

Safety specialist Laservision's history starts almost 40 years ago, as Warren Clark discovers

Stretching the imagination

A stretchable display may sound like an impossible and crazy idea, but the enabling technology is just around the corner. Nadya Anscombe looks at the research

Design radiance

Greg Blackman on the intricacies of optimising imaging and illumination systems with optical software

Illuminating the future

Rob Coppinger probes the difficulties of super laser operation and the technology that will overcome the challenges

A clean sheet

The paperless office has never been realised but laser technology, Rob Coppinger explains, could mean offices with less paper and less toner consumption

Marking time

Small decorative logos for mobile phones and sophisticated codes for industrial traceability require laser technology to become more precise and reliable, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Resolving power

Greg Blackman finds out that in order to acquire a high-quality image from a machine vision camera, a lot depends on the quality of the optics

Spectroscopy everywhere anytime

Rob Coppinger finds that the age of the smartphone and MP3 player is changing customer expectations, raising industry's game when it comes to portable spectroscopy

Ablating light optics

Scientists see ablating 1.5kW CO2 lasers or 1030nm ultra short pulse lasers as the key to better optics. Rob Coppinger digs deeper into the issue

All the right moves

While its products are getting smaller, Avantes is growing as a company, as Warren Clark discovers

The ultimate shield

The military conflicts of the past ten years have shown the dangers of roadside bombs and cheap mortars. Rob Coppinger investigates the laser systems being developed to counter those threats and more

Blink and you'll miss it

Industrial-grade femtosecond lasers are now available, but do they offer any significant advantages over their picosecond rivals? Greg Blackman finds out

Projecting power

Mobile phones could be providing home cinema-like experiences if new laser sources for pico projectors are as successful as expected

Fantastic plastic

Organic materials can enable innovative, low-cost, compact devices. Many fascinating projects were presented at Photonics West. But, as Nadya Anscombe finds out, challenges still remain

Shaping light

Greg Blackman peers into diffractive optics, a vital optical element for a range of applications including deep UV lithography and manufacturing aircraft components

Twist and shout

Liquid crystal technology is to deliver cheap tuneable lasers. Rob Coppinger talks to University of Cambridge researchers about how chiral nematics is making it happen

First in safety

As Lasermet reaches 25 years old, Warren Clark explores the history of this leader in laser safety

Lasers turn back time

Whether for hair removal or wrinkle reduction, there are now laser-based devices for home use on the market. Nadya Anscombe looks at this fast-growing market

Life through a lens

Greg Blackman on the importance of optics for those working in the field of life sciences, from microscopy to measuring fluorescence with ultrafast spectroscopy

Visible improvement

Rob Coppinger discovers how liquid crystal defence technology could put an end to blinding lasers and improve imaging

Flourishing with fibre

SPI Lasers has emerged from troubled beginnings in telecoms to become a major player in fibre lasers, as Warren Clark discovers

Getting under your skin

Nadya Anscombe finds out about a pan-European research project that aims to get the most out of optical coherence tomography

Does this scan?

Greg Blackman on laser scanner technology, including three-axis scan heads and developments for ultrafast lasers

The colour of invention

Oxxius has established itself as a leading player in DPSS lasers for multiple wavelengths, as Warren Clark discovers

The big picture

Lasers are making the leap from the laboratory to the consumer world, as Rob Coppinger discovers

Light probes

Greg Blackman on the spectroscopy techniques used to measure chemical reactions occurring over femtosecond timescales

Visible improvement

Yves Hernandez of Mulitel explains an EU-funded project focused on lasers emitting visible light for spectroscopy and microscopy applications

Playing the parts

Laser SOS has cornered the market in laser refurbishment and repairs, as Warren Clark discovers

Intensive treatment

Warren Clark explores current and future opportunities for photonics in the medical field

Eyes on the sky

Greg Blackman discovers that building larger ground-based telescopes is pointless without adaptive optics

Running cool

The lifetime of laser diode bars is limited by the way they are cooled. Nadya Anscombe looks at different possible solutions to the problem

Nurturing a niche

Warren Clark discovers how EOPC has grown its business by servicing a very specific market well

Transmission revamp

Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the less well known applications of speciality fibre optics

Global players

Hamamatsu Photonics has grown to be one of the industry's largest companies, as Warren Clark discovers

Standards of illumination

Stephen Mounsey looks at the regulated world of LED lighting, and the photonic test and measurement technologies that enable LED developers in this rapidly growing market


Stephen Mounsey catches up with some of the partners involved in the Leadership In Fibre Laser Technology (LIFT) project - a four-year, EU-funded initiative to keep Europe at the forefront of fibre laser technology