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Solid defence

Throughout the turbulent economic period, the military and defence market has remained stable. Warren Clark asks if the sector will stay profitable in the future

It's in our hands now

Stephen Mounsey looks at some of the difficulties involved in taking the spectrometer to the sample

Bigger, better, brighter

Stephen Mounsey takes a look at the world's largest lasers, those already built and those planned for the future

Small and perfectly formed

Greg Blackman looks at some of the uses of micro optics, including focusing and collimating laser-diode light sources

Making the most of computing power

Mark Nicholson, VP of operations at Zemax Development Corporation, says there are computing options that can enhance software-based optical system design

What's in a name?

Warren Clark traces the history of NKT Photonics A/S, a new name for an established technology supplier

Catching light

Stephen Mounsey looks at the potential for nanotechnology to improve solar power and other photonics applications

The key to coatings

Greg Blackman takes a look at how optical coatings are used to enhance the properties of the optics to which they are applied

CO<sub>2</sub> the future

As fibre and disk lasers achieve ever higher powers at ever lower costs, Stephen Mounsey asks if there's still a place for CO2-based technology

Why diode lasers rule

John Ambroseo, CEO of Coherent, says high-power semiconductor lasers can help bring photonics back to growth

The diode specialist

Warren Clark meets the team at Dilas, a company that has made a virtue of sticking to what it knows - laser diodes

Super sensitive

Stephen Mounsey investigates photon counting, and discovers a rich variety of approaches to an old problem

Lithography lessons

Being able to engineer integrated circuits with higher transistor counts involves printing smaller structures. Photolithography, used in silicon chip fabrication, employs a variety of optical trickery to reduce the size of printed features, as Greg Blackman finds out

Safety first

Stephen Mounsey looks into the requirements that laser safety equipment must meet, and takes a look at the various precautions that are available and advisable to laser users

A focus on customers

Trioptics has been offering test and measurement solutions for optics for more than 15 years, as Warren Clark discovers

Towers of power

Stephen Mounsey looks at the ways in which laser diodes are evolving, and the new markets opening up as a result

Making waves

Greg Blackman looks at the applications to which diffractive optics are best suited and the benefits they provide

Sky-high laser processing

Stephen Mounsey examines novel aerospace materials, and the innovative processing techniques that their introduction has necessitated

Photovoltaics shines bright

Dave Clark, senior director of strategic marketing for photovoltaics at Newport Spectra-Physics, believes there is a huge amount of untapped potential in the sector for photonics

An eye for business

Warren Clark charts the history of Laser Quantum, a company that has always had the commercialisation of technology on its mind

Hope for the future

As Electro Optics reaches another milestone in its history, our 200th issue, we asked the leading lights of photonics for their views on the state of the industry and its future

The big screen

Stephen Mounsey evaluates the photonics contribution to flat-panel display manufacture

In the firing line

Greg Blackman looks at uses of photonics for military applications, from infrared countermeasures to target designators

The solar imperative

Tom Pearsall, general secretary of the European Photonics Industry Consortium, believes solar energy can provide rich pickings for our industry

A life in lasers

Multiwave Photonics is the result of one man's lifetime of dedication to lasers, as Warren Clark discovers

The rise of Raman

Stephen Mounsey explores Raman spectroscopy - an increasingly popular technique with a range of exciting applications

When the chips are down

The effects of the crash in the semiconductor market are being felt throughout the photonics industry. While the timescale of the slump is unknown, once growth does recover lasers will be at the forefront of silicon chip production. Greg Blackman looks at some of the applications

Distribution value

Douglas Neilson, managing director of Photonic Solutions, says distributors must work hard to add value for customers

A portable future

John Murphy charts the course of Avantes, as it takes advantage of an ever-expanding range of applications for spectroscopy

Non-invasive innovation

William Payne on the emerging area of biophotonics, which sees lasers applied to many aspects of biology

Organic growth

OLEDs are tipped to be the next big thing in display technology. Greg Blackman assess the progress of these light emitting polymers

Dumbing down?

With lasers at ever higher power levels, and being used increasingly by non-photonics specialists, test equipment has to adapt to be accessible and user-friendly. Gemma Church looks at how laser testing equipment manufacturers are addressing this need

The tomorrow people

The question of where the next generation of scientists and engineers is coming from continues to concern some among photonics. Greg Blackman investigates

The personal touch counts

John Murphy meets the team at OptoSigma, an optical component manufacturer with an emphasis on individual customer care

Show me the money

Gemma Church looks at the availability - or otherwise - of EU-wide public funding for photonics-related projects

Shooting the breeze

Greg Blackman looks at the technology surrounding and the applications for lidar - a remote sensing technique analogous to radar

Optimising optics

Gemma Church looks at the range of optical design software on the market and how it can help engineers create cutting-edge photonics-related products without the need for numerous costly prototypes

From behind the Wall

John Murphy tracks the history of PicoQuant, a laser supplier with roots in the former East Germany

Cutting-edge cars

William Payne discovers that the use of photonics in the automotive industry is continuing to evolve

Under the microscope

Microscopy has advanced a long way since Robert Hooke coined the term 'cell' from his observations through a compound microscope in 1665. Greg Blackman gets to grips with modern-day microscopy and other scientific imaging techniques

Take your positions...

Gemma Church looks at the market for positioning equipment for lasers - where and why it is used, and what benefits it can bring

Laser developments

What technologies are around the corner, and which existing ones are set to dominate market share? Warren Clark asks for the industry's views

Get outside help

Graham Rothon, managing director at Pacer International, believes outsourcing optoelectronic design can benefit photonics companies large and small

Knowledge centres

Warren Clark looks at the phenomenon of photonics clusters, which are springing up in Europe and beyond at an ever increasing rate

Pathways for innovation

The worldwide optoelectronics marketplace offers industry players a number of viable approaches for generating and sustaining attractive, profitable growth. Technology differentiation is generally a critical element in all of these approaches. The various approaches, however, seek to achieve technology differentiation in fundamentally different ways. Experience shows that all of the approaches can be successful, given the right conditions and sound technology and market strategies. Introduction of fundamentally new, breakthrough technologies is one particular innovation path, and is often the primary focus of corporate strategic plans. This approach aims to generate significant differentiation, and is typically associated with substantial, multi-year R&D and manufacturing investments.