LabMax-Pro SSIM

The new LabMax-Pro SSIM laser power meter from Coherent works with the company's recently introduced PowerMax-Pro sensors to enable high speed measurements of lasers from 300 nm to 11 micrometres

Obis LG lasers

The new Obis LG series of products from Coherent expands the company's family of compact plug-and-play lasers to output powers as high as several Watts

PowerMax-Pro sensors

Coherent has released a new type of laser power sensing detector that combines the broad wavelength sensitivity, dynamic range and laser damage resistance of a thermopile with the response speed of a semiconductor photodiode

BioRay diode lasers

A new series of compact, economical lasers from Coherent has been introduced for constructing space-limited point-of-care and cost sensitive research instruments for a variety of life sciences and diagnostic applications


Coherent has introduced the HighLight which offers higher power for increased throughput for applications in metal cladding and heat treating


Coherent has launched its Fidelity laser, a sealed-box fibre laser that delivers short pulse widths and high average power at 1,055nm, with a footprint of 318 x 318mm

Daytona HE

The new Daytona HE short pulse, UV fibre laser from Coherent of Santa Clara, CA, is claimed to deliver the highest peak power currently available from a UV fibre laser

Verdi G20 lasers

Coherent has launched Verdi G20 lasers which deliver 20W of low noise output and can fit earlier Verdi G products

Diamond E-250

Coherent has launched the Diamond E-250, a fully sealed, pulsed CO2 laser offering 250W of average power and more than 750W of peak pulse power


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