AVIAT 532-45 laser

Coherent has released the new AVIAT 532-45, which is a powerful diode-pumped, solid state green laser that delivers diffraction limited output.

Chameleon Vision

Coherent has released the Chameleon Vision, which is a fully-integrated laser source for Multiphoton Excitation (MPE) microscopy that delivers both high image quality and ease of use.

Verdi V12 laser

Coherent has released the Verdi V12 laser that offers low cost of ownership, when compared with other 12W 532nm lasers.

J-10MT-10KHZ EnergyMax

Coherent has extended its EnergyMax series of laser energy sensors to enable measurement of very low energy pulses - down to the 100nJ level.

OEM Ultraviolet Laser

Coherent has launched its Matrix 355 BE laser, which is a frequency-tripled DPSS (diode pumped solid state) laser that delivers a combination of low output noise and low beam divergence.


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