AVIA 355-28

Coherent has released the AVIA 355-28, which delivers 28W of output at 355nm (at 110kHz). This high power and high repetition rate translates directly into increased throughput for a variety of micromachining applications, as well as lower cost per part.


Coherent has launched the IndyStar, a compact industrial excimer laser with a long tube lifetime providing increased reliability and lower overall cost of ownership for OEMs and end users.


Coherent has launched the Talisker, which is fibre-based laser to offer high power, picosecond output in a rugged industrial package.

FAP 200 and 400

Two fibre coupled diode laser arrays from Coherent offer higher brightness than previously available from the company, without any sacrifice in reliability or lifetime.

Taipan family of lasers

Coherent has released the Taipan family of lasers providing green and true yellow output for entertainment/light show applications.

AVIA 355-23-250

The AVIA 355-23-250 from Coherent offers one of the highest pulse repetition rates of any Q-switched ultraviolet laser, making it a solution for high speed integrated circuit die singulation with high yields.

CUBE 405 100mW laser

The latest CUBE 405 laser from Coherent delivers twice the power of previous models without any increase in footprint.


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