Compass 561-50 laser

The latest Compass 561 laser from Coherent delivers 50mW at 561nm, while offering lower noise than other solid state yellow lasers.

OPSL 532-5 and OPSL-577-3

Coherent has released two optically pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSL) for laser photocoagulation treatment of wet-form macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

Prisma 1064-20-V

The latest addition to Coherent's Prisma series solid-state infrared and green lasers offers the highest output power available to date.

Compass 115M-20

Coherent has introduced a new solid-state, 532nm laser for cost-sensitive, high-volume OEM applications that delivers 20mW of continuous wave output power.

Avia 532-38

Coherent has introduced the Avia 532-38, a diode-pumped solid state laser, which delivers more than 38W of output at 532nm (at 120kHz) with a pulse width of only 45nsec.

Matrix 355

The new Matrix 355 series solid-state lasers from Coherent are economical, air-cooled systems for OEM integration. They combine consistent operation with high beam quality, low noise and a long lifetime.


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