Chameleon OPO

The new Chameleon OPO from Coherent enables gap-free tuning across the entire 680-1580nm range making it a suitable ultrafast source for deep tissue imaging in the critical long wavelength.

Diamond E-400

The new Diamond E-400 from Coherent is a sealed, pulsed CO2 laser that offers an average power of 400W or a peak power greater than 1kW in a fully integrated, compact package.

AVIA 355-7

The new AVIA 355-7 from Coherent is a q-switched, frequency-tripled, solid-state laser delivering over 7W of average power at 355nm, in a package designed to maximise reliability for a minimum cost of ownership.

Compass 561

The new Compass 561 laser from Coherent delivers either 25mW or 40mW beams from a laser head measuring just 100 x 40 x 32.5mm.


Coherent has developed two new laser pulse energy sensors to measure very high energy/peak power lasers operating at low repetition rates.

Paladin Compact 355-4000

The new Paladin Compact 355-4000 from Coherent is a solid-state, ultraviolet laser that delivers 4W of quasi-CW output (at 355nm). The laser has a small footprint and can be either air-cooled or water-cooled.


The new Micra-CEP from Coherent generates CEP stabilised ultrafast laser pulses. It is a flexible broadband laser source for attosecond research, high harmonic generation, optical clocks and coherent control.

Xantos XS

Coherent has introduced the Xantos XS, a self-contained excimer laser that features dramatically simplified installation. It requires no water cooling and can be moved without the need for a specialised support infrastructure.

Legend Elite Duo

The new Legend Elite Duo from Coherent is an integrated ultrafast amplifier that delivers pulse energies over 6mJ at a 1kHz repetition rate.

Compass 115M-15

The new low power, CW Compass 115M-15 green laser from Coherent provides excellent beam characteristics in terms of mode quality, power stability and noise (less than 0.5 per cent rms).


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