Avia 355-23

The new Avia 355-23 from Coherent delivers more than 23W of q-switched output at 355nm. It delivers 15 per cent more power than previous models and supports higher pulse repetition rates.

Avia 355-14

Coherent has expanded its popular Avia product family of UV lasers with a new, intermediate power level model in a package optimised for cost-effective micromachining at high throughput rates.

Excimer Laser EnergyMax

A new range of pulse energy sensors from Coherent has been optimised for use with ArF lasers operating at 193nm and with KrF lasers at 248nm.


The new Micra-10 from Coherent is a one-box ultra-fast laser oscillator able to deliver more than 750mW of broadband output power.

Verdi-V8 and Verdi-V10

Coherent has released two new low-cost CW 532nm solid-state pump lasers – the Verdi-V8 (8W) and Verdi-V10 (10W). They are easier to use, and feature a significantly lighter power supply.

Multipurpose EnergyMax

The new Multipurpose EnergyMax series of laser energy sensors from Coherent combine a large active area, high repetition rate response and high peak power handling capability.

AVIA 266-3

The new AVIA 266-3 from Coherent is a second-generation deep-ultraviolet laser, combining high-power output with extended lifetime, output stability, and industrial-grade reliability needed for 24/7 industrial applications.

The PulseLife Horizontal Arrays

The PulseLife horizontal arrays from Coherent are a new series of diode laser packages that deliver high-power output while offering simplified water-cooling requirements.

Diamond C

The new Diamond C Series consists of sealed lasers with output powers of 30, 40, 55 and 70W at 10.6µm, with good amplitude stability.


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