Chameleon Ultra II

The new Chameleon Ultra II laser from Coherent has increased tuning range and output power at 3.3W over the 690nm to 1080nm spectral range.

Lambda SX

Coherent has introduced a higher-power version of its Lambda SX class of high pulse energy lasers at 308nm.

OPerA Solo

Coherent is offering a fully integrated optical parametric amplifier that provides simple access to tuneable ultrafast pulses from wavelengths in the UV through to the mid-IR.


A new series of conductively cooled semiconductor laser bars from Coherent offers both high power and extended lifetime, even under adverse operating conditions.

Legend Elite

The new Legend Elite from Coherent is a one-box regenerative ultrafast amplifier that features several major improvements over earlier models, including superior stability.

BeamView-USB 4.3.1

The newest release of BeamView software from Coherent now enables National Instruments’ LabView software to directly control LaserCam-HR beam profiling systems (in addition to the existing Coherent software interface).

Cube 445

The new Cube 445 from Coherent is a compact, conduction-cooled laser that delivers 40mW of power at 445nm. The Cube 445 delivers higher reliability than HeCd gas lasers.

Sapphire series lasers

Coherent has extended the power range of its Sapphire solid-state, 488nm lasers with new products in both its low-power (LP) and high-power (HP) platforms, including a 500mW option.


The new Matrix family of lasers from Coherent combines the performance and reliability of solid-state lasers with several design and manufacturing innovations. It is suitable for cost-effective volume OEM integration.


The newest Sapphire laser from Coherent is a small-footprint OEM laser delivering 50mW (CW) of output power at 488nm. The Sapphire 50mW laser is primarily intended for biomedical instrumentation.


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