Paladin Compact

The new Paladin Compact from Coherent is a next-generation ultraviolet laser delivering high-power, quasi-CW output at 355nm with only half the footprint of previous packages.

ExciStar XS

The new ExciStar XS from Coherent is a compact, economical excimer laser that offers exceptional performance and lifetime characteristics. It is air-cooled, with a high energy stability.

Lambda SX Series

Coherent has introduced three new models to its Lambda SX series of high power, industrial excimer lasers, all of which operate at 300Hz. They feature all-solid-state switching for high reliability.

Cube 660

The new Cube 660 from Coherent delivers 60mW at 660nm in a nearly circular beam, allowing bioinstrumentation system builders to utilise a common laser platform and interface.


The Silhouette from Coherent is a standalone pulse controller that can optimise results from a wide variety of ultrafast laser applications, including molecular dynamics research and optimisation of non-linear processes.


The Micra, from Coherent, is a compact, ultrafast laser that delivers broad spectral bandwidth (more than 100nm) output from an automated user-friendly package. It is well-suited for demanding research applications.

COMPexPro 1000

The new COMPexPro 1000 excimer laser combines the economy of a mid-sized laser platform with the high repetition rate and long lifetime previously available only from high-end products.


The TracER laser from Coherent is a tool for trace evidence recovery at crime scenes, including latent fingerprints. Based on a 5W green laser, TracER delivers enhanced performance and ease of use in an economical platform.

Prisma 1064-32-V

The Prisma 1064-32-V from Coherent is an industrial laser that delivers an optimum mix of high peak power, short pulsewidth, high average power and exquisite beam quality.


The Coherent LaserCam-HR high-resolution laser beam profiler now features the new software release of 4.3.X, which includes an improved interface for increased speed, enhanced ease of use and greater functionality.


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