Obis Galaxy

Coherent has released the Obis Galaxy, which combines the output of up to eight separate lasers, spanning the 405nm to 640nm wavelength range, into a single-mode fibre

Vitara UBB

Coherent has released the latest member of the Vitara family of extreme performance, closed-box, ultrafast oscillators, the Vitara UBB

Talisker HE series

Coherent has expanded its family of industrial ultrafast lasers with the Talisker HE series. The laser has high energy pulses for drilling, cutting, and scribing


Coherent has expanded its family of ultra-fast laser amplifiers with the new Libra-HE+ which, it claims, is now the highest-power one-box, single-stage ultra-fast amplifier available

PowerMax USB Wand

A new'meterless laser power sensor from Coherent is configured to enable measurements at points deep within instruments and between closely spaced components


Coherent's new Flare is a pulsed laser with three wavelength versions available: near infrared (1064nm), green (532nm) and ultraviolet (355nm)

Sapphire lasers

A new series of Sapphire lasers from Coherent at 594nm are for fluorescence-based applications in life sciences


The Mephisto family of single-frequency lasers from Coherent offer ultra-narrow linewidth ideal for demanding applications such as atom trapping and cooling, optical heterodyning, injection locking and seeding, and other applications that require extremel

AVIA 355-33

The newest AVIA micromachining laser from Coherent delivers what is currently the highest power commercially available at its wavelength and repetition rate

Talisker 1000

Coherent has expanded its family of industrial ultrafast lasers with the new Talisker 1000 series


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