Daytona 355-20

An ultraviolet fibre laser from Coherent is claimed to offer the precision processing capabilities of a short-pulse, picosecond laser, together with the high throughput speed characteristic of a Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state laser

Verdi G

Coherent has two new Verdi G lasers that are the first of this product family to offer single longitudinal mode (SLM) output


The new Vitara-S from Coherent is a hands-free, integrated, ultrafast oscillator primarily designed to seed Titanium:Sapphire (Ti:S) amplifiers


Coherent has introduced the StingRay range of diode-laser based line generators, which deliver enhanced flexibility, output optimisation capabilities, and extended lifetimes

Talisker 500

Coherent has expanded its family of industrial ultrafast lasers with the Talisker 500, which delivers more than 10 Watts of ultraviolet output at 355nm, 15W of green output at 532nm or 25W of infrared output at 1064nm


Coherent has added two new wavelengths, 514nm and 552nm, to its Obis family of plug-and-play smart laser modules

Legend Duo HE+

Coherent has expanded the company's family of Legend ultrafast amplifiers with the launch of the Legend Duo HE+, which delivers over 12mJ/pulse at 1kHz repetition rate


The newest addition to Coherent's Genesis family of lasers for life sciences is the model CX 355 STM Compact, specifically targeted for OEM instrumentation applications

Obis 6 remote

Coherent has expanded its Obis family of plug-and-play smart laser modules and accessories by introducing the 6-Laser Remote that integrates the power supply and control of up to six separate lasers


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