Sapphire SF lasers

Coherent has expanded its Sapphire line of compact CW visible lasers with several ultra-narrow linewidth models. The Sapphire SF lasers are available at wavelengths of 488nm and 532nm, and feature single longitudinal output to achieve a linewidth of less

Matrix 1064-10-CW

Coherent has expanded its Matrix series of diode-pumped, solid-state lasers with a new model that delivers 10W of continuous wave power at 1,064nm

HighLight D-Series

Coherent has released the HighLight D-Series, a range of diode laser systems delivering both high power and an increased range of 'smart' output beam shapes

Verdi G10

Coherent has released a new 10W, low noise CW green (532nm) laser intended for cost-effective pumping of Titanium:Sapphire oscillators and amplifiers

Sapphire 552 LP

Coherent has introduced its Sapphire 552 LP - a series of solid-state optically pumped semiconductor lasers (OPSLs) with output at 552nm intended for use in life science applications

Chameleon Vision-S

Coherent has introduced its new Chameleon Vision-S, combining short pulsewidths and the industry's highest average power and longest wavelength tuning range for applications in multiphoton imaging

Obis CW direct diode and OPSL lasers

Coherent has launched a new family of highly integrated CW lasers featuring true plug-and-play simplicity, based on direct diode and optically pumped semiconductor laser technologies

EnergyMax meterless sensors

Coherent has expanded its range of laser energy measurement products with its new 'meterless' EnergyMax sensors, incorporating state-of-the-art miniaturisation technology found in the company's successful PowerMax sensors

Verdi G8 OPSL

Coherent has introduced the Verdi G8, the highest power 532nm scientific-grade laser based on the company's optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology with an 8W output


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