MetaBeam laser machining centre

Coherent has expanded its family of compact, flexible laser machining centres with the launch of its MetaBeam product, designed for processing metals but capable of addressing non-metal processing

HighLight FAP 60/810 laser

Coherent has introduced the HighLight FAP 60/810 System, a fibre delivered, turnkey diode laser system which provides 60W of output power at 810nm suitable for OLED display processing

Legend Elite Duo-HP

A new Ti:Sapphire ultrafast laser amplifier from Coherent, the Legend Elite Duo-HP offers more than 15W of output power, and high pulse energy (up to 10mJ)

New models of PowerMax-USB/RS sensors

Coherent has expanded its PowerMax-USB/RS series of laser power measurement products with the addition of several new sensors, expanding the range of powers and wavelengths that can be measured

Cube FP lasers

Coherent has extended its range of Cube FP fibre-pigtailed diode laser products with the addition of several new wavelengths and output power levels

Sapphire 532

Coherent has expanded its Sapphire family of compact CW visible lasers with 532nm (green) lasers based on the company's OPSL technology

Verdi G7

Coherent has launched the Verdi G7, a model that delivers the highest power level yet in its Verdi G family of low-noise CW lasers based on optically pumped semiconductor laser (OPSL) technology

Genesis CX355-250

The Genesis CX355-250 laser from Coherent provides true-CW, ultraviolet, solid-state performacne, deliveirng more than 250mW of TEM00 output


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