Legend Elite CEP ultrafast amplifier

Coherent has launched its Legend Elite CEP ultrafast amplifier, which is the first and only complete CEP-stabilised ultrafast amplifier system designed, built and supported by a single manufacturer

Sapphire 514 LP lasers

Coherent has expanded its Sapphire family of compact CW visible lasers with the 514nm (green) offering based on the company's OPSL technology

PowerMax USB/RS sensors

Coherent has introduced its new PowerMax USB/RS sensors, laser power sensors that have an entire instrument integrated within a USB 2.0 or RS-232 cable connector

Sapphire 561

Coherent has unveiled a new series of yellow (561nm) lasers that produce higher power and offer greater efficiency than anything previously available at this wavelength

Verdi G-Series green OPSL

Coherent has introduced its Verdi G-Series, a novel type of optically-pumped semiconductor laser, which is available in both 2W and 5W green (532nm) versions

Diamond E-1000

Coherent has introduced the Diamond E-1000, a compact, sealed 1kW CO2 laser, measuring less than 1,497 x 471 x 384mm, including its integrated power supply

Sapphire 488 LP and Sapphire 561 LP

Coherent has introduced two new compact and high power lasers for bioinstrumentation applications, emitting 150mW at 488nm and 200mW at 561nm from a compact 125 x 70 x 34mm package

Mamba Green laser

Coherent has launched its Mamba Green laser, a frequency doubled, DPSS laser offering >325W output power at 532nm for a range of materials processing tasks

Avia 355-5

Coherent has launched the Avia 355-5, a frequency tripled, diode-pumped, solid-state laser. The laser offers economical performance for cost-sensitive micromachining tasks, such as scribing sapphire substrates used in the fabrication of GaN LEDs

Leap excimer laser

Coherent has launched the Leap excimer laser, offering a good combination of output power, low purchase price and economical operating cost for micromachining applications in microelectronics and medical device manufacturing


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