Sapphire 568

Coherent has introduced the Sapphire 568, a solid-state laser with output at 568nm. The laser is available in models offering 50mW, 75mW, 100mW, 150mW and 200mW of CW output

Quantum EnergyMax sensors

Three new Quantum EnergyMax sensors from Coherent enable accurate measurement of laser pulse energies down to 20pJ across a broad range of wavelengths

Matrix 532-8-100

Coherent has launched the Matrix 532-8-100, a Q-switched, diode-pumped, solid-state laser designed to deliver the best cost-to-performance ratio for demanding micromachining tasks in solar, semiconductor and medical device manufacturing

Diamond E-150

The Diamond E-150 is a new CO2 laser from Coherent, which offers greater reliability and reduced cost of ownership for applications involving processing of textiles, organic materials, plastics and even thin metals


The new Mamba, from Coherent, is a 525W (at 1,064nm), diode-pumped, solid-state laser that delivers a combination of high reliability, long lifetime and minimal maintenance downtime

Avia 532-23

The Avia 532-23, from Coherent, is a pulsed green laser that delivers high performance for cost-sensitive processes that only require moderate output power

Genesis 355-150 S

The new Genesis 355-150 S from Coherent delivers more than 150mW of TEM00 output for flow cytometry and other live-cell bio applications

Chameleon OPO

Coherent has introduced the Chameleon model optical parametric oscillator, which has been completely redesigned to provide simple access to tunable near-IR wavelengths for multiphoton excitation microscopy

J-50MB-IR EnergyMax Sensor

Coherent has introduced a laser pulse energy sensor specifically optimised for use with medical lasers that combines high accuracy, high damage threshold, and a large active area


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