Cube 640-100

Coherent has released the Cube 640-100, a high-power 640nm red diode laser module. The single emitter-based, turnkey system offers 100mW of CW output in a high-quality (M2<1.5), and a small diameter beam (1mm diameter)

Paladin Advanced lasers

Coherent has released two quasi-CW UV lasers. The Paladin Advanced 355-10000 and Paladin Advanced 355-16000 are mode-locked, frequency tripled, diode pumped, solid state lasers


Coherent has expanded its family of Matrix lasers with a new ultraviolet model optimised to produce 1.5W at a high repetition rate of 70kHz, in order to support high-throughput applications

HighLight 1000F

Coherent has introduced the HighLight 1000F, a fibre-delivered direct diode system for industrial applications, producing 1kW at 975nm from a 600µm core fibre with a numerical aperture of 0.22.

Chameleon Vision MPE source

Coherent has released the Chameleon Vision fully-integrated laser source for multiphoton excitation (MPE) microscopy, featuring high image quality, ease of use, a wide tuning range, and high GVD compensation

Sapphire 561 yellow OPSL

Coherent has introduced the Sapphire 561 series of yellow OPSL lasers, offering high power and efficiency at a choice of 50mW, 75mW, 100mW or 150mW of output power

Genesis 355 lasers

Coherent has launched the Genesis 355 lasers, a range of solid state lasers providing true CW output in the ultraviolet (355nm).

Verdi IR 25

Coherent has released an infrared version of the company's successful Verdi family of solid state lasers, delivering 25W of single-mode continuous wave output at 1064nm

Genesis 532-2000 S

Coherent has introduced the Genesis 532-2000 S, a 2000mW CW green (532nm) laser that provides a compact alternative to DPSS lasers in scientific and OEM applications


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