A healthy dose of interferometry

 Although interferometry may once have been dismissed by the medical community because of its inability to see inside the human body, its application within the wider biomedical arena is continuing to grow and evolve; so much so that the technique is now used in the production of prosthetic limbs, research in dentistry and even for cultivating stem cells.


On the hunt for other worlds

Looking for exoplanets, planets that lie outside the Solar System, is an area of astronomy requiring the largest telescope apertures available. One of the objectives of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), which will have a primary mirror 39 metres in diameter when it is completed in 2023, is to use its massive light-gathering capabilities to look for extrasolar planets


PhaseCam 5031

The PhaseCam 5030 from 4D Technology is an interferometer to measure optics for terrestrial and space-based telescopes. It uses dynamic interferometry to acquire all measurement information in a single exposure.