The new Micra-10 from Coherent is a one-box ultra-fast laser oscillator able to deliver more than 750mW of broadband output power.

ODIN II Multipass Amplifier

Photonic Solutions is distributing Quantonix's new ODIN II multipass Ti:Sapphire amplifier, which has improved performance standards for true sub-30fs pulses. The design minimises optical dispersion.

Femtosource Rainbow

Elliot Scientific is distributing a range of products from Femtolasers, including the Femtosource Rainbow, an ultrafast sealed Ti: Sapphire laser oscillator using dispersive mirror technology.


Toptica Photonics offers the FemtoFiber series of high power modelocked fibre lasers. The advantages of fibre lasers guarantee turnkey generation of femtosecond pulses in a compact and noiseless setup.

Diode-pumped ultrafast lasers

Pro-Lite is distributing products from Amplitude Systemes, located near Bordeaux, which develops and manufactures diode-pumped ultrafast lasers based on diode-pumped Yb crystals for scientific and industrial applications.


Lumera Laser has recently released a new picosecond laser, Super-Rapid. It is an amplified version (8W) of the Rapid ps-laser, maintaining all its outstanding features and expanding them.

Duetto laser system

Time-Bandwidth Products has announced a robust, compact and sealed OEM version of its picosecond, high repetition-rate Duetto laser system for industrial and scientific applications like materials processing and micro machining.


The Micra, from Coherent, is a compact, ultrafast laser that delivers broad spectral bandwidth (more than 100nm) output from an automated user-friendly package. It is well-suited for demanding research applications.

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