PCO pixelfly cameras are used for automatic bottle inspection. Credit: PCO

Excelitas Technologies acquires CMOS camera developer PCO

29 June 2021

Excelitas will acquire 100 percent of PCO AG shares from founder Dr Emil Ott

An ultrathin Ag film based OLED inside Professor Jay Guo’s lab. Credit: Robert Coelius/University of Michigan engineering, communications and marketing

New electrode could make OLEDs 20% brighter

29 June 2021

The approach prevents light from being trapped in the light-emitting part of an OLED, enabling OLEDs to maintain brightness while using less power

Modular machine for laser micromachining with ultrashort laser pulses. Image: Pulsar Photonics

Tech giant acquires majority stake in Fraunhofer spin-off

29 June 2021

Billion-euro technology group, Schunk, is acquiring a majority stake in Pulsar Photonics in a bid to enter the laser technology field

Luminar roofline lidar integration for Volvo vehicles. Image: Volvo 

Volvo's 2022 electric car to feature lidar as standard

29 June 2021

Volvo Cars’ forthcoming fully electric flagship vehicle will feature Luminar's lidar system as standard

The shape of the laser beam can be fully controlled to project a complex hologram, such as the one above (Credit: Christina Spägele/Harvard SEAS)

New metasurface can tune laser light without additional components

29 June 2021

Harvard researchers have developed a single metasurface that can effectively tune the different properties of laser light, including wavelength, without the need of additional optical components

The rotating filter is just 70μm wide and 60μm tall with square openings that measure 6.5μm on each side. Scale bar: 10μm.

(Image: Dong Wu, University of Science and Technology of China)

3D-printed rotary microfilter could enable re-usable lab-on-chip devices

29 June 2021

The microfilter was developed using a very precise 3D printing technique known as two-photon polymerisation

Dutch consortium invests €8.5m in photonics point-of-care device

18 June 2021

Surfix, a spin-off from Wageningen University & Research, aims to make a test that is available for the masses and at the cost of only a few euros.

European photonics growing at more than double global GDP rate

18 June 2021

New analysis shows that photonics is one of the most resilient and fast-growing industries in Europe

Rockley Photonics wins IEEE award for work on co-packaged optics

18 June 2021

The paper demonstrates the technical feasibility of integrating CMOS switching functionality with single-mode optical interfaces within the same package

Matt Flamini and Dr Vincent Beachley are using laser heating to strengthen fibres. (Image: Rowan University)

Scientists create stronger 'super fibres' using lasers

18 June 2021

Researchers are using laser processing to develop stronger fibres, which could be used in a number of industries

iXblue's Lannion site

iXblue acquires two French firms to become 'major player' in photonics

26 May 2021

iXblue has acquired Kylia, a developer of optical components and instruments, and Muquans, which specialises in integrated quantum instruments

Digital anatomy Polyjet printing (left) which simulates the biomechanical structure of the anatomy, and full colour Polyjet printing (right) which is used for visual representation of anatomical models

UK photonics medtech centre installs anatomy printer

13 May 2021

The printer will support medical decision making and aid in the development of new imaging and diagnostic medical devices