€2.5m project to pave way for quantum internet

15 October 2019

It may soon be possible to transport quantum information over long distances with glass fibres, thanks to a new project launched by Dutch research centre QuTech and the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology

Analysis demonstrates strength of UK Photonics

15 October 2019

Recent analysis shared by the UK Photonics Leadership Group demonstrates that the UK photonics industry is in a strong position and ready to drive economic expansion

Researchers provide promising route to scalable quantum photonics

15 October 2019

Researchers from the Photonics Research Group have successfully integrated single photon emitters in 2D layered materials with a silicon nitride photonic chip

Thorlabs acquires video measurement company

15 October 2019

Thorlabs has acquired Operations Technology (Optek), a manufacturer of large-format, granite-based video and x-ray dimensional measurement systems

Project aims to develop cheaper three-photon microscope

27 September 2019

A new low-cost three-photon microscope, capable of obtaining tissue data at greater tissue depths than currently available is in development

Bioprinting project gets EU grant for skin healing solutions

26 September 2019

Regenerative medicine project nAngioDerm has been funded with €747K ($822K) from the EU to bring solutions for acute wounds

Help us improve Electro Optics - take our survey!

26 September 2019

In particular, we are looking at collaboration between industry and academia in the field of photonics

II-VI and Lite-On Technology partner to mass produce lidar components

19 September 2019

Semiconductor laser company II-VI is partnering with Lite-On Technology for the volume manufacturing and commercialisation of packaged semiconductor lasers for mass-market lidar

Plan with China in mind, says EPIC's Carlos Lee

19 September 2019

Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC, notes the importance of the Chinese market for European photonics firms

Hamamatsu to supply silicon sensors for CERN upgrades

19 September 2019

European particle physics laboratory CERN has signed three contracts with Hamamatsu for the supply of silicon sensors for its ATLAS and CMS trackers

Researchers enhance laser-based ultrasound for non-destructive testing

11 September 2019

A team of researchers has developed an improved non-contact, laser-based method for generating ultrasonic waves for non-destructive testing applications

Laser printing produces waterproof e-textiles cheaply and rapidly

05 September 2019

The cost-efficient and scaleable method can produce textiles embedded with energy storage devices in minutes