Innoviz's second funding round secures $170m for solid-state lidar

11 June 2019

Innoviz Technologies, maker of solid-state lidar sensors and perception software, has closed its series c funding round with $170 million, bringing the total raised to $252 million

Innovation Award finalists announced

04 June 2019

The award recognises technology that could advance areas such as manufacturing, imaging and biophotonics

Project seeks to increase uptake of large-scale AM

03 June 2019

An ongoing collaborative project is looking to drive the adoption of large-scale metal additive manufacturing

Laser to melt moon dust for additive manufacturing in space

03 June 2019

A group of scientists are looking to send a laser to the Moon in order to melt moon dust and use it to create structures via additive manufacturing

The forest illuminated at night. Credit: Albert Porcar-Castell 

Illuminating the link between plants and carbon sinks

23 May 2019

Researchers have developed a remote sensing device that provides a more thorough way of monitoring photosynthesis in plants and trees

Fibre-based imaging spectrometer captures record amounts of data

22 May 2019

Designed for remote sensing, the spectrometer can capture 30,000 sampling points each containing more than 60 wavelengths

MicroLED technique overcomes production barriers

20 May 2019

French research institute Leti has developed a new technique for fabricating microLED displays that overcomes existing limitations to commercialisation

ASML president recognised for microchip innovations

14 May 2019

Martin van den Brink has been awarded the Imec Lifetime of Innovation Award 2019

Researchers 3D print portable microscope

10 May 2019

Researchers have used 3D printing to produce a high-resolution microscope small and robust enough to use in the field or at the bedside

Light advances horticulture research

10 May 2019

A lighting system has been developed to provide control over the spectral distribution of colour used to stimulate plants in horticulture research

Thorlabs acquires Cirtemo for 'unique' optical technologies

02 May 2019

Thorlabs has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Columbia-based Cirtemo, allowing Thorlabs to add two 'unique' technologies to its portfolio

EPIC advocates for photonics funding

30 April 2019

EPIC is advocating for a photonics contractual public private partnership to be selected under the future Horizon Europe programme