Similar to a smartwatch, the developed glucose monitor will be wearable on the wrist for the convenience of hundreds of millions of diabetics worldwide. (Image: Shutterstock/Chaay_Tee)

An end to pin-prick tests? Trumpf VCSELs to enable wearable glucose sensors

11 January 2023

The device could dramatically increase the quality of life for diabetics, who currently have to prick their finger or wear an implant to monitor glucose levels

The LZH and its partners are developing fast, contactless microscopy techniques for detecting bacteria. (Image: LZH)

LZH and partners developing faster tests for deadly bacteria

11 January 2023

The work could significantly accelerate the characterisation and classification of biofilms in clinical environments

The parallel peripheral-photoinhibition lithography system comprises eight modules that are arranged to allow the individual control of split excitation and inhibition beams, thereby allowing the high-resolution, high-efficiency fabrication of nanostructures. (Image: Zhu et al)

Laser lithography system could speed 3D nanofabrication

09 January 2023

The system could be used to fabricate intricate 3D nanostructures widely employed in photonics and electronics

The Innoviz360 is designed for OEMs looking to achieve level 4-5 automation in applications such as robotaxis, shuttles, trucks, and delivery vehicles. (Image: Innoviz)

CES: Which photonics firms launched new automotive lidar tech?

07 January 2023

Solutions for autonomous driving and other sensing applications were presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023

NeuroLogica’s OmniTom Elite system is equipped with photon counting detectors to enable enhanced analysis of biological tissues (Image: NeuroLogica)

Photon counting tech to increase CT scan accuracy

06 January 2023

NeuroLogica’s OmniTom Elite PCD system, equipped with photon counting detectors, will be used by the University of Dundee to perform enhanced analysis of biological tissues

Application deadline approaches for photonics startup accelerator programme

05 January 2023

The Luminate programme supports startups, with direct investment, mentorship and access to investors and lab facilities

The Expanding Aperture Segmented Telescope will greatly extend China's optical astronomy capability. (Image: Peking University)

China to narrow 'astronomy gap' with eight-metre telescope by 2030

04 January 2023

The new instrument is intended to narrow the current gap in optical astronomy capability between China and the rest of the world

Dr Okky Daulay (left) and Professor David Marpaung (right) have overcome the performance challenges of programmable microwave photonic circuits. (Image: University of Twente)

Programmable photonic filter delivers 'record-breaking' dynamic range

03 January 2023

The filter represents a breakthrough in the integration of functionality and performance in radio frequency photonic signal processors

Image: Microsoft 

Microsoft buys hollow-core fibre firm, Lumenisity

18 December 2022

The sale is expected to advance Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure

Energetiq’s Electrodeless Z-Pinch extreme ultraviolet (EUV) light sources emit light in the key 13.5nm region


Energetiq's new EUV business unit serves semiconductor space

17 December 2022

An R&D facility has also been established at the headquarters of its parent company, Hamamatsu Photonics, in Japan

Networking reception at the photonics investors meeting in Eindhoven

EPIC event connects investors with photonics firms

16 December 2022

Carlos Lee on finding the right kind of investors for funding photonics tech

The target chamber of LLNL’s National Ignition Facility, where 192 laser beams delivered more than 2 million joules of ultraviolet energy to a tiny fuel pellet to create fusion ignition


Lasers behind fusion breakthrough

13 December 2022

In the new milestone at NIF, giant pulsed lasers deliver energy of more than two million Joules of UV light precisely into a ~1cm long gold-coated cylinder