Agreement to integrate adaptive optics into photonics equipment

24 September 2007

Thorlabs is to integrate Boston Micromachines Corporations' (BMC) adaptive optics within its own photonics equipment. It is hoped the collaboration will encourage the use of the deformable mirrors within the research community.

European distribution of thermoelectric cooling devices

24 September 2007

Kryotherm Engineering and Production, a Russian manufacturer of thermoelectric cooling modules, has appointed AMS Technologies as its European distributor.

American distribution of laser diodes

24 September 2007

Power Technology has been appointed as a distributor of Sanyo laser diode products. Sanyo offers laser diodes in the 405nm to 980nm wavelength range, with output ranging from 5mW to 200mW.

News in brief

17 September 2007

Seoul Semiconductors and Osram are to share the patented designs of their white and visible LEDs; and mut has become a joint stock company.

Photonics people

14 September 2007

Professor Michael Damzen of Midaz Lasers has been elected as a fellow of the Optical Society of America; and Aculight and JPSA have made senior appointments.

UK distributor for laser diode controllers

14 September 2007

VueMetrix has named Laser Lines as the sole UK distributor of its line of laser diode controllers, for both the medical and industrial markets.

Asian market penetration for microdisplay manufacturer

14 September 2007

P-OLED microdisplay specialist MicroEmissive Displays (MED) has appointed two new distributors, Galaxy Far East and Desner Electronics, to penetrate the Asian market.

New German forum for photovoltaic devices

10 September 2007

The German Engineering Federation (VDMA) has founded a new forum to foster the booming market for photovoltaic devices, which convert optical energy to electrical energy.

Pan-European distribution of Photon's products

10 September 2007

BFI Optilas is to distribute Photon's beam profiling products in Switzerland and Italy - extending their current distribution agreement to cover the whole of Europe.

LEDs lower power consumption of subway lighting

05 September 2007

Energy efficient white LEDs are providing environmentally friendly lighting for a subway in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.

Chinese MEMS industry still has niches to exploit claims report

05 September 2007

A new report has revealed that micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) technology is following the trends of other industries, and experiencing increased growth in China.

Tiny tuneable laser could speed up telecommunications

05 September 2007

JDSU has created a new device that should help create smaller, and cheaper tuneable products for faster telecommunication networks.