10 September 2018

Ghent University and Imec have spun out a silicon photonics-based fibre optic sensing company, called Sentea

10 September 2018

Gooch & Housego has acquired US fibre optic components and sub systems specialist Gould Fiber Optics

10 September 2018

Scientists at MIT and Harvard University have studied the theoretical Maxwell’s fish-eye lens from quantum mechanical perspective, to see how individual atoms and photons may behave within the lens.

07 September 2018

With MicroLED technologies seeing rapid improvement, technology solutions should start converging by the end of 2019. This is according to the latest report from Yole Développement, which also highlights the next challenge of cost reduction.

06 September 2018

The American Institute for Manufacturing Integrated Photonics (AIM Photonics) has received grants totalling $1.2 million from the National Science Foundation, which will enable collaborative photonics-centred research

06 September 2018

Scientists at Brookhaven National Laboratory have developed a new approach of 3D x-ray imaging for observing bulky materials in great detail, which could help scientists analyse the structural information of countless materials, from batteries to biological systems

06 September 2018

A secondary school in Scotland is piloting li-fi internet within classrooms, becoming the first school in the world to test the technology

06 September 2018

A French start-up detailing its hopes of being the first to commercialise quantum single-photon light sources represents the first time EPIC has focused on quantum technology at one of its events

31 August 2018

A new optical sensor that can check the presence of contaminants in milk and produce a detailed reading in minutes, is set to reduce costs, wastage and antibiotic use linked to the production, quality control, and processing phases in the dairy industry

23 August 2018

On 22 August, a powerful lidar instrument was launched into orbit by the European Space Agency as part of the first space mission to acquire profiles of the wind on a global scale

15 August 2018

Using terahertz technology, engineers have been able to investigate the operating frequencies within semiconductor lasers for the first time

14 August 2018

Lidar could help narrow the scope and speed up the search for clues during crime scene investigations, according to a new study