ASML president recognised for microchip innovations

14 May 2019

Martin van den Brink has been awarded the Imec Lifetime of Innovation Award 2019

Researchers 3D print portable microscope

10 May 2019

Researchers have used 3D printing to produce a high-resolution microscope small and robust enough to use in the field or at the bedside

Light advances horticulture research

10 May 2019

A lighting system has been developed to provide control over the spectral distribution of colour used to stimulate plants in horticulture research

Thorlabs acquires Cirtemo for 'unique' optical technologies

02 May 2019

Thorlabs has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire Columbia-based Cirtemo, allowing Thorlabs to add two 'unique' technologies to its portfolio

EPIC advocates for photonics funding

30 April 2019

EPIC is advocating for a photonics contractual public private partnership to be selected under the future Horizon Europe programme

Laser processing ups efficiency of optoelectronic devices

23 April 2019

Scientists have developed a laser processing technique capable of reducing defects in optical materials

X-ray glow from massive cluster of galaxies captured by ESA’s XMM-Newton space observatory. Credit: ESA/XMM-Newton (X-rays); CFHT-LS (optical); XXL Survey

Stargazing optics to spot cancer early

17 April 2019

Two research projects based on photonics have begun that could lead to early detection and better treatment of cancer

Micro-scaffolds printed by Microlight3D's two-photon polymerisation

Microlight3D acquires microprinting company

17 April 2019

Microlight3D, a manufacturer of 3D microprinting systems, has bought French firm Smart Force Technologies to extend its product portfolio to include 2D microprinting

Coherent CEO John Ambroseo announces retirement

16 April 2019

John Ambroseo has announced that he will retire as CEO of laser manufacturer Coherent by April 2021, after nearly 17 years in the position

Bill Gates funded startup unveils new lidar technology

15 April 2019

Lumotive, a technology start-up funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has introduced a disruptive beam-steering technology that it claims will significantly improve the performance, reliability and cost of lidar systems

John D’Ambrosia, chairman of Ethernet Alliance (left), and Carlos Lee, director general of EPIC, signing the MoU at EPIC's AGM in Glasgow

EPIC signs MoU with Ethernet Alliance to advance Ethernet tech

15 April 2019

The European Photonics Industry Consortium has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Ethernet Alliance, to cooperate on the endorsement of standards and technology roadmaps

Spectral sensing to build picture of natural disasters

10 April 2019

An Earth observation satellite containing a hyperspectral imager has been launched into Space in a five-year programme spearheaded by the Italian Space Agency