Lumentum acquires Coherent

19 January 2021

Two laser manufacturing giants are set to merge following Lumentum's announcement that it will acquire Coherent for $5.7 billion

The micro loudspeaker proves that microactuators can be produced in seconds and at low costs using inkjet printers and lasers. (Image: Fraunhofer ILT)

Researchers print cost-effective MEMS loudspeaker

19 January 2021

The process could be used as a faster and more affordable alternative to vacuum- and mask-based piezo-MEMS manufacturing methods

Silicon PIC processor promises faster data speeds

13 January 2021

The discovery, made by researchers at the Universities of Oxford, Münster, Exeter, Pittsburgh, EPFL and IBM Research Europe, is the first to apply frequency combs in the field of artificial neural networks

Newly-funded PIC NIR sensors to push towards mass production

12 January 2021

Dutch start-up MantiSpectra has received investment from PhotonDelta and Innovation Industries, while Senorics is set to receive more than €2 million from the Development Bank of Saxony

The new RGB laser light source architecture offers a colour gamut coverage almost 50 per cent beyond that of high-end cinema (Image: Hisense/CES)

Laser TV at CES 2021 'better than cinema'

12 January 2021

The TV, which contains a newly-developed RGB laser light source, offers a colour gamut coverage almost 50 per cent beyond that of high-end cinema

2D arrangement of 44,400 light stopwatches enables scanless fluorescence lifetime imaging. Credit: Institute of Post-LED Photonics

New fluorescence microscopy method opens up study of dynamic processes

12 January 2021

The fluorescence microscopy technique uses frequency combs and no mechanical parts to observe dynamic biological phenomena

Luna Innovations boosts fibre optic sensing capabilities with OptaSense purchase

12 January 2021

Luna Innovations has acquired OptaSense from parent company, QinetiQ for £29m

Prism Award finalists announced

12 January 2021

Judges reviewed 149 applications from 18 countries to select finalists in the fields of quantum, manufacturing, healthcare, smart sensing, and autonomous transportation

Photonics West switches to online format

12 January 2021

As a result of the pandemic’s ongoing disruption to international travel, SPIE will be hosting Photonics West as a virtual conference this year in March

A PIC chip from Effect Photonics designed for telecomms applications

EU pilot line launches services for indium phosphide PIC production

16 December 2020

The JePPIX pilot line has introduced its design and manufacturing services for indium phosphide (InP) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) production

MicroLED chips on 300mm silicon wafers pave way for mass production

16 December 2020

French start-up Aledia has manufactured microLED chips produced on 300mm (12 inch) silicon wafers, opening up the possibility for mass-production of microLED displays with commercially available processes and equipment

Sivers Photonics receives £325k to develop quantum-based lidar

16 December 2020

Sivers Photonics has received £324,800 of UK government funding for its part in Spidar, a quantum project to develop range finding and 3D imaging systems for driver assisted and autonomous vehicles