Lasers in the Optoelectronics Lab. Credit: Akshay Rao

Spectroscopy identifies organic solar cell efficiency hurdle

24 November 2021

Researchers have used spectroscopy to identify a key mechanism responsible for the lower efficiencies of organic solar cells and shown a way that this hurdle might be overcome

Credit: Photonics Leadership Group

UK photonics report to guide government on £50bn potential

24 November 2021

Photonics will create an additional 150,000 jobs on top of the 76,500 already employed in photonics in the UK

Fraunhofer spin-off raises $20m to market MEMS smart glasses tech

23 November 2021

OQmented has raised a further $9.3 million in seed round funding, bringing its total raised to $20 million since its inception in 2018

A 2 x 2mm integrated photonic chip will make interferometers, and therefore precision optics, even more powerful. Credit: J Adam Fenster/University of Rochester

Researchers amplify interferometric signals on photonic chip

17 November 2021

University of Rochester researchers have packaged a way of amplifying interferometric signals using inverse weak value amplification - without increase in extraneous input or 'noise' - on an integrated photonic chip

Shutterstock: thodonal88

Lumentum acquires NeoPhotonics in $918m deal

17 November 2021

The addition of NeoPhotonics is designed to expand Lumentum's opportunity in the optical components market, particularly for cloud and telecom network infrastructure

Salvo Technologies buys Graflex

17 November 2021

'While upgrading our manufacturing capabilities, the addition of Graflex also upgrades our global distribution footprint for our new and existing products' - Salvo Technologies

Rockley Photonics partners with Caltech on photonics AI health sensors

15 November 2021

Rockley has invested in Caltech’s Sensing to Intelligence (S2I) centre to support a range of projects, including the development of new integrated spectrometer technologies using advanced photonics sensors

Hübner Photonics acquires Valo Innovations

15 November 2021

Valo's fibre laser technology delivers pulse lengths of <50 fs and peak powers of >2 MW

The new method recorded 6GB of data in a one-inch silica glass sample, with each square measuring just 8.8 x 8.8mm. (Image: Yuhao Lei and Peter G. Kazansky, University of Southampton)

Ultrafast laser writing could enable 500TB optical disc storage

03 November 2021

Such discs would offer storage 10,000 times denser than Blu-Ray discs

Dr Valentin Gapontsev has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021 (Image: IPG Photonics)

IPG Photonics founder Dr Valentin Gapontsev dies aged 82

25 October 2021

Gapontsev, 82, founded IRE-Polyus, IPG’s predecessor, in 1990. He has been IPG’s chairman since the company’s founding and was its CEO until April 2021

Image: SwissOptic Metrology. Credit: Andreas Müller Fotografie Berlin

Jenoptik buys 3 companies from Berliner Glas

21 October 2021

The company will acquire a 100 per cent stake in BG Medical Applications (Berliner Glas Medical), SwissOptic AG and Chinese company SwissOptic (Wuhan)

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students aged 13-18 with first-hand experiences of engineering. (Image: Shutterstock/Gorodenkoff)

GE invests £2.5m in next generation of engineers

15 October 2021

The programme aims to inspire more than 3,500 local students, providing first-hand experiences of engineering, and awarding financial support to pursue further education