Photonic component maker Teraxion bought by Indie Semiconductor

07 September 2021

Teraxion was an optical sensing reference design partner of Indie, supporting frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) systems for lidar

The dual-sided solar cells achieve a front conversion efficiency of 24.3 per cent and a rear conversion efficiency of 23.4 per cent. (Image: Eric Byler/The Australian National University)

'Record-breaking' bifacial solar cells produced using laser doping

07 September 2021

‘This is a world record for selectively laser-doped solar cells and among the highest efficiency bifacial solar cells’

Image: PhotonDelta

New academy to tackle skills shortage, help 6,000 firms train staff

06 September 2021

The European Photonics Academy will offer training courses beyond the lecture room with a strong focus on hands-on training

Image: University of Surrey

New materials explored for LED-based optical communications

06 September 2021

Researchers detail how two relatively unexplored semiconducting materials can satisfy the demand for more data at greater speeds

Luminar's Iris sensor (Image: Luminar)

Luminar buys InGaAs chip supplier for lidar sensor scale-up

06 September 2021

Luminar Technologies is acquiring its InGaAs chip design partner and manufacturer, OptoGration, for its core IP and supply chain capacity

Fraunhofer is involved in li-fi development; its Gigadock and Hotspot systems use direct line of sight to deliver fast data rates. Image: Fraunhofer

North American Li-Fi market set to reach $2.5 billion by 2030

13 August 2021

Growing at a 55 per cent CAGR through the forecast period, the industry is certain to gain a substantial revenue share in the forthcoming years

Light focussed by nano-antennas on a gold surface leaks out by generating propagating plasmons. Image credit: Urban Senica, ETH Zurich

Southampton/ETH Zürich team sets new threshold of trapping light at the nanoscale

12 August 2021

The fabrication of photonic resonators able to focus light in extremely small volumes is proving a key technology which is presently enabling advances in fields as different as material science, optoelectronics, chemistry, quantum technologies, and many others

Credit: Andrey_Popov/

Chromacity raises £1.2 million to boost workforce

12 August 2021

The company will use the funding to expand the company’s workforce, particularly within its manufacturing and R&D divisions

$665 million quantum computer 'needs photonics'

28 July 2021

PsiQuantum has developed technology in which single photons are manipulated using photonic circuits which are patterned onto a silicon chip using standard semiconductor manufacturing processes

Image: Silina

Silina curves 275 CMOS sensors in world-first demo

28 July 2021

French start-up Silina has developed a technology that can curve hundreds of image sensors at the same time

The Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Secretary of State at the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. Image: UK Innovation Strategy

Photonics recognised in UK Innovation Strategy

28 July 2021

The strategy sets the government's ambitions for an innovation-led economy

The first photonics core index: supporting a photonics capital market

28 July 2021

Carlos Lee discusses the launch of the first photonics core index