News in brief

25 June 2007

SensL has been nominated as one of the 'hot companies' in Silicon Valley, SPIE has been renamed, and 2006 saw an increased interest in the fibre optic market.

European distributor for light modelling software

25 June 2007

Lambda Research has increased its distribution network with Linos Photonics, which will sell Lambda's TracePro products in Europe and Israel.

Crystal-clear view of cancer

25 June 2007

A new optical scanner could improve cancer treatment by providing the highest resolution images yet of tumours, giving doctors a much clearer view of where to perform surgery.

US laser diode distributor

25 June 2007

eagleyard Photonics, a German manufacturer of high power laser diodes, has chosen Market Tech as its new partner for the US Mid West and West Coast markets.

New manufacturing facility

25 June 2007

Litetec has opened a new fibre optic manufacturing facility in Yorkshire, signalling a significant expansion over the past year.

Supply agreement for optical components

25 June 2007

JDSU and Red-C Optical Networks have formed strategic supply agreement to strengthen cooperation and business relations between the two companies.

Telecom packaging for solid-state laser

25 June 2007

TeraXion has been selected by JDSU to supply telecom-grade FBG filters for its new commercial 488nm solid-state laser.

Lasers provide non-invasive cancer screening

13 June 2007

Chemists at Duke University in the USA have made the first step towards screening malignant skin cancers without cutting the skin, by using a laser-based system to provide a detailed picture of the processes going on beneath the surface.

Liquid lenses to be supplied with CMOS products

13 June 2007

Varioptic has signed a licensing agreement with STMicroelectronics, a producer of CMOS imaging technology, for the use of its liquid lenses in ST’s products.

Billion pound potential for new laser technology

12 June 2007

Scientists at Swansea University are developing new laser display technologies that will enhance the quality of cinema projections and may lead to revenues in excess of £1bn a year.

Consortium receives large grant to develop low-cost LEDs

07 June 2007

A consortium of Filtronic, Forge, Europa, Qinetiq, Thomas Swan and Cambridge University has won a three-year contract, worth just under £3m, within the DTI technology programme, to develop low-cost LEDs for solid-state lighting.

Tiny spectrometer with big future

05 June 2007

A portable IR spectrometer, developed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration, will allow officers to identify suspicious substances on the scene of the crime.