More than 1,200 exhibitors will be on the show floor this year, with more than 4,500 technical presentation taking place in tandem. (Image: SPIE)

Key conference themes to expect at Photonics West 2023

Electro Optics shares the main events and themes on its radar at this year's show in San Francisco

Researchers have been able to compensate for the disturbance entagled photons experience during propagation through a scattering layer and restore entanglement at the output

Solved entanglement challenge boosts quantum imaging tech

Researchers may have solved a key challenge of entanglement that could advance the development of quantum-enhanced imaging technologies

The FABulous Project (FABrication of 3D metasurfaces to enable the next generation of high efficiency optical products) is an initiative led by Aimen in Spain.

Project seeks to revolutionise 3D metasurface fabrication

The high-resolution metasurfaces will be capable of manipulating light with unprecedented flexibility and enable the design and manufacture of smaller, lighter photonic systems

(a) FAST’s optical geometry (b) Automated optical inspection of FAST (c) Illustration of surface defects (dent and hole) (d) Results of defect detection. (Image: Li et al.)

Drones to automate inspection of Chinese radio telescope

Drones equipped with high-resolution RGB cameras and deep-learning techniques are searching for defects on the Chinese FAST telescope

By using a Ti:Sapphire and mid-infrared free-electron laser to structure silicon, scientists have demonstrated how laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) vary depending on the laser properties. (Image: Reina Miyagawa of Nagoya Institute of Technology)

Laser structuring offers lithography alternative in transistor production

LIPSS have been earmarked as a novel and prospective alternative to expensive lithography processes for the fabrication of nanostructured surfaces in optoelectronic device production

The new camera is easily configurable and could have applications in analysing combustion phenomena, detecting hazardous gases and characterising semiconductor materials (Image: INRS)

Ultrafast single-pixel camera unlocks non-visible applications

The new camera could have applications in analysing combustion phenomena, detecting hazardous gases and semiconductor inspection

When connected to a laser beam, the new thin-film circuit produces finely tailorable terahertz-frequency waves. The device opens up a world of potential applications in optics, imaging and telecommunications. (Image: EPFL)

Integrated photonic circuits could help close the 'terahertz gap'

The chips show promise for a whole host of applications in optics, spectroscopy, imaging and telecommunications

The parallel peripheral-photoinhibition lithography system comprises eight modules that are arranged to allow the individual control of split excitation and inhibition beams, thereby allowing the high-resolution, high-efficiency fabrication of nanostructures. (Image: Zhu et al)

Laser lithography system could speed 3D nanofabrication

The system could be used to fabricate intricate 3D nanostructures widely employed in photonics and electronics

NeuroLogica’s OmniTom Elite system is equipped with photon counting detectors to enable enhanced analysis of biological tissues (Image: NeuroLogica)

Photon counting tech to increase CT scan accuracy

NeuroLogica’s OmniTom Elite PCD system, equipped with photon counting detectors, will be used by the University of Dundee to perform enhanced analysis of biological tissues


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