M Squared’s lasers have been used in cold matter-based quantum computing projects

Photonics firms to steer £10 million quantum project

20 November 2020

The Discovery project, the largest industry-led quantum computing project in Britain to date, will be led by M Squared

An application of SLD's laser light source

Kyocera to acquire SLD Laser

18 November 2020

California-based SLD Laser was co-founded in 2013 by a group of pioneers in solid state lighting, including Dr Shuji Nakamura (2014 Nobel Laureate in Physics)

Artist’s impression of the Solar Orbiter, with the Spice spectrometer (ESA/ATG medialab)

Spectroscopy to probe the Sun in greater detail

12 November 2020

A proposal to use a high-resolution multi-slit spectrometer to obtain high-cadence observations of the Sun’s atmosphere, the corona, has been selected by Nasa

New buffer promises more eco-friendly solar cells

12 November 2020

The new buffer material reduces the pollution associated with producing cadmium sulfide (CdS) buffers, and is also less toxic – opening up a greater number of solar applications

VLC Photonics' headquarters

VLC Photonics acquired by Hitachi High Tech

12 November 2020

Going forwards, Hitachi High-Tech will provide a more complete one-stop service for photonic integrated circuits

£6.1m project to create silicon optical integrated circuits

09 November 2020

The Quantum Dots on Silicon (QUDOS) programme will investigate new ways of integrating all the parts that are needed for high capacity optical communications and signal processing on a single silicon chip

ASML campus in Veldhoven

ASML completes acquisition of Berliner Glas

03 November 2020

The chip manufacturing giant announced plans to acquire Berliner Glas Group, including all subsidiaries, in July

Trumpf headquarters in Ditzingen, Germany

Trumpf reports fall in sales revenues

15 October 2020

The group's sales revenues fell by 8 per cent, and its order intake by 11 per cent

The laser operates in fundamental mode with beam quality M2 < 1.05 for both beams. The beam shape is recorded at the output of the oscillator (magnified image of the output coupler) on a WinCamD-LCM-NE 1” beam profiler at the nominal operation point of the laser with 3.7 A pump current, approx. 7.8 W total pump power and 440 mW average output power from each comb.

Single laser emits high-power dual comb femtosecond pulses

15 October 2020

The new development paves the way for portable dual-comb light sources for applications such as spectroscopy and precision distance measurement

EnPro Industries to acquire Alluxa for $255m

13 October 2020

The purchase will bolster EnPro's existing thin-film product offering in the industrial technology, life sciences, and semiconductor markets

MicroLEDs are expected to be the next big display technology

Aledia raises €80m for microLED displays

12 October 2020

The company, a spin-out from CEA-Leti, is set to build a 52,000 square metre microLED manufacturing facility with the funds

Pixapp's grating coupling package

Two prototype PIC packaging platforms launched by EU pilot line

08 October 2020

Pixapp, the EU-funded photonic integrated circuit (PIC) assembly and packaging pilot line, has introduced two new prototype packaging platforms to enable the early-stage testing and evaluation of integrated photonic devices