CO2 laser welding creates reliable fibre couplings for glass-based photonic integrated circuits – an excellent alternative to currently adhesive-based methods. (Image: Fraunhofer IZM)

Laser welding replaces adhesives in PIC production

13 July 2022

The new process is designed as an alternative to adhesive-based fibre interconnection strategies for PICs

Credit: Politecnico di Milano

Photonic processor separates optical beams of same wavelength

13 July 2022

The processor allows information quantities of over 5000Ghz to be managed, at least 100 times greater than current high-capacity wireless systems

Image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

Nasa's James Webb captures deepest IR image of universe

13 July 2022

Some of the faintest celestial objects ever observed in the infrared have been imaged

Image: Martial Red/

Headwall buys Holographix for optics replication

12 July 2022

Headwall Photonics has acquired US optics company Holographix to enhance its manufacturing processes for holographic gratings

Image: ESA

Sony launches laser space communications firm

01 July 2022

Sony Space Communications Corporation plans to develop small optical communications devices to connect micro satellites via a laser beam

II‐VI to be known as Coherent following merger

01 July 2022

II‐VI has completed the acquisition of Coherent, forming a global company in materials, networking, and lasers

From left to right: Xavier Rottenberg, the scientist who first came up with the idea for the technology. Theodore Marescaux, CEO and founder of Swave Photonics. Olivier Rousseaux from imec.

Imec spin-off raises €7m for scalable holographic photonics chips

30 June 2022

Swave’s holographic extended reality (HXR) technology delivers lifelike, high-resolution 3D images without the need for 3D glasses

Illustration shows eight micro-ring modulators and optical waveguide. Each modulator is tuned to a specific wavelength. Credit: Intel Cooperation

Intel demonstrates 8-wavelength laser array on a silicon wafer

30 June 2022

The array is built on Intel’s 300m silicon photonics manufacturing process

NKT's SuperK Compact supercontinuum white light source has a monolithic fibre architecture. Credit: NKT Photonics

NKT Photonics joins Hamamatsu's Laser Application business

24 June 2022

NKT Photonics will continue as a subsidiary with responsibility for fibre and laser development and manufacturing within Hamamatsu Photonics group

Picture: Bosch

Scintil Photonics raises €13.5m in second funding round

21 June 2022

The PIC supplier has raised €17.5m to date

The new processor offers computing density several orders higher than that of conventional electronic chips. (Image: University of Oxford/June Sang Lee)

World's first polarisation-based photonic processor developed

15 June 2022

The new processor offers computing density several orders higher than that of conventional electronic chips

Optical communications can be used to dramtically ramp up the speed of data transfer between satellites and ground stations. (Image: Northrup Grumman)

Satellite optical communications news roundup

14 June 2022

Sony establishes new firm, Mitsubishi Electric develops optical receiver, successful intersatellite optical communication test carried out.