Top view of the ILMT showing the liquid mercury mirror covered by a thin mylar film. Credit: ARIES, Department of Science and Technology, India

Liquid mirror telescope sees first light in India

14 June 2022

Built by astronomers from India, Belgium and Canada, the instrument employs a four-metre-diameter rotating mirror made up of a thin film of liquid mercury

Credit: STMicroelectronics 

ST releases first 3D sensor with meta-optics

09 June 2022

Metalenz's planar optics are now being manufactured on silicon wafers alongside electronics in ST’s semiconductor front-end 300mm fab in Crolles, France

Image credit: Gorodenkoff/ 

Open silicon photonics platform offers laser integration at scale

07 June 2022

OpenLight, a newly launched foundry company, has introduced an open silicon photonics platform with integrated lasers

Synopsys to reacquire $200m of shares

07 June 2022

Synopsys will receive an aggregate initial share delivery of approximately 523,000 shares

€2m for Dutch consortiums to probe social impact of quantum tech

25 May 2022

Two research consortia in The Netherlands are set to receive a total of €2 million for research into the ethical, legal and social impacts of quantum technology

Credit: Salience Labs

Salience Labs raises $11.5 million to develop AI chips using photonics

19 May 2022

An Oxford-based silicon photonics startup has raised $11.5 million to develop a high-speed multi-chip processor combining photonics and electronics to accelerate exponential advances in AI

Credit: Messe Munchen

Laser Munich attracted 80 per cent of pre-covid visitors

13 May 2022

Laser World of Photonics attracted more than 15,000 trade fair visitors to Munich in April

Credit: Okmetic

Okmetic to double silicon wafer capacity with €400m facility in Finland

13 May 2022

Okmetic invests nearly €400m to build a new fab in Finland with aims to more than double its production capacity

The DQG is composed of a main sensor head standing at 175cm high, around 66 kg, connected to the ILS system, at around 33kg. The combined system can be operated with a power as little as 200W. Credit: iXblue

iXblue develops commercial quantum sensor for underground mapping

12 May 2022

The system can measure simultaneously the absolute values of both gravitational acceleration and its vertical gradient

Cuos researchers performing research on the applications of ultrashort laser pulsers (credit University of Michigan)

Optical Surfaces to make optics for 'ZettaWatt' laser system

09 May 2022

UK-based Optical Surfaces has been selected by the Gérard Mourou Center for Ultrafast Optical Science (CUOS) at the University of Michigan (USA) to provide beam expander optics for its zettawatt-equivalent ultrashort pulse laser system

Edmund Optics establishes women in optics scholarship

09 May 2022

Marisa Edmund has established the Advancing Women in Optics Scholarship at the University of Arizona

Credit: University of Oxford

Sapphire fibre sensor opens up extreme temp monitoring

27 April 2022

Scientists at Oxford University have developed a sensor made of a sapphire optical fibre able to tolerate extreme temperatures