Female engineers encouraged to partake in new role model initiative

02 April 2019

In March, a programme was launched to give women in STEM careers the opportunity to share their stories and serve as high-profile role models for school girls

Innoviz raises $132m, Ouster $62m, to accelerate lidar production

27 March 2019

Innoviz’s new funding total now amounts to $214 million, with a second closing of this round expected in the coming months, while Ouster’s total amounts to $89 million

Photo-acoustic PIC sensors could allow low-cost emission analysis

21 March 2019

CEA Leti researchers have developed prototype opto-acoustic sensors that are more energy-efficient and cheaper than existing systems, making gas emission monitoring more accessible

UK attempts to calm scientists with £200m Brexit hi-tech fund

19 March 2019

In a bid to ensure the UK will maintain its reputation as a ‘pioneering nation as it leaves the EU’, the UK Chancellor has allocated £200m to support Britain’s fastest-growing industries as they prepare for Brexit

E-mobility and autonomous cars to feature at Laser World of Photonics

15 March 2019

This year’s Laser World of Photonics will have a special focus on electro-mobility and autonomous driving, two global megatrends that are expected to grow dramatically over the coming decade

Helping European optics firms access global markets

13 March 2019

Collaboration with other regions raises the competitiveness of the European photonics industry, says EPIC's Carlos Lee

Education and industry-academia links key to photonics growth in Israel

12 March 2019

Professor Abraham Katzir, a conference chair of the upcoming Optical Engineering and Science in Israel (OASIS) conference on 1-2 April, outlines the country's photonics industry

Laser used to remove graffiti in Florence

12 March 2019

Volunteers in Florence, Italy, are using an infrared fibre laser donated by Italian laser group El.En to erase graffiti on the Ponte Vecchio stone bridge over the Arno River.

Integrated photonics education kit to target skills shortage

06 March 2019

The toolkit is designed to bring integrated photonics into earlier stages of the science and engineering curriculum

Imec/KMLabs' industrial facility to probe lithography down to 8nm pitch

04 March 2019

Imec is partnering with KMLabs to establish a real-time functional imaging and interference lithography laboratory, to enable imaging in resist on 300mm wafers down to an 8nm pitch

Engineers – let us know what’s bothering you!

26 February 2019

Electro Optics is searching for engineers and photonics professionals to share their challenges and experiences in the pages of its magazine

Spectroscopy used to characterise microplastics

26 February 2019

Scientists are using spectroscopy to characterise microplastics in the environment and determine the major sources of microplastic pollution in Danish wastewater and rainwater systems