MEMS provides clearer view of living cells

08 May 2007

Scientists at the Universities of Boston and Oxford are using MEMS-based deformable mirrors to create images that delve deeper into living cells. The technique could have important applications in skin cancer and neurological research.

Coherent acquires Nuvonyx

04 May 2007

Coherent has recently acquired Nuvonyx, in a move that will significantly increase the power range of its lasers.

Scribing patent increases international portfolio

04 May 2007

New Wave Research is increasing its patent portfolio, which currently includes patents in China, Taiwan and the United States. It has recently received a patent from China for its scribing process.

Ophthalmology patients benefit from fibre lasers

04 May 2007

Ophthalmology patients will soon be able benefit from the greater accuracy and control of fibre lasers with Carl Zeiss Meditec's latest VisuMax system for Lasik eye surgery.

Onefive appoints Asian distributor

04 May 2007

Onefive, a supplier of femtosecond, picosecond and tunable narrow linewidth laser modules, has appointed Forter Technology Corporation as its distributor in China and Taiwan for all products.

Laser 2000 to distribute high-performance laser diodes

04 May 2007

Laser 2000 is to distribute Intense's high-performance laser diode components and modules as well as its power arrays, bars and stacks. The agreement covers most of western Europe.

Diode laser provides sweet relief for snorers

04 May 2007

Snorers may finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief as a new diode laser eases soft tissue surgery to remove part of the palate and uvula.

BRO to distribute CAD optical software

04 May 2007

Breault Research Organisation is to distribute SolidWorks' 3D Modelling Engine with CAD-interoperable optical software products.

News in brief

03 May 2007

A new partner for Laser 2007 organiser Messe Stuttgart, additional Queen's awards for Fibercore and a new manufacturing service from Limo.

CVI acquires Melles Griot

03 May 2007

Melles Griot has been acquired by CVI. The terms of the agreement have not yet been disclosed.

UK representative for Messe Stuttgart

26 April 2007

Prime Events Solutions is to be the UK representative for Messe Stuttgart Exhibitions, in order to build the UK presence of Messe Stuttgart events.

Aerosol imaging helps predict climate change

23 April 2007

Nasa is to use a device from Hind Instruments to measure the polarisation of light, providing key information on the effect of aerosols in the atmosphere, ultimately helping to predict global climate change